Server Offline

About us and our server!

Relicedawn is a casual server that is freely ran to relive AC. Our goal is to create a place that you can call home. Things are being updated as regularly as possible. We use the GDLE platform and rely on their continued support for bringing our game back to life.

What does RelicDawn have to offer?

  1. Friendly growing community.

  2. Town Criers perform full level 7 buffs in every town.

  3. Peasant Stentor's in the starter towns to provide players with new info.

  4. Arrowsmiths in the starter towns next to the Bowyers.

Server Rules

  1. We limit players to five accounts
    (If more than five accounts are detected they will be banned and characters deleted)

  2. We limit hunting to 3 characters at one time. We can detect VPN's
    (Accounts will be banned and characters deleted)

  3. We don't allow bot armies
    (Accounts will be banned and characters deleted)

  4. No selling in game items for real world money
    (Accounts will be banned and characters deleted)

  5. No hate speech or offensive words
    (Accounts will be banned and characters deleted)

  6. This is a casual server and we will keep it up to date when updates from GDLE are available and have been tested

  7. To best define a bot army, we consider that to be one player that has more than 3 accounts just camping in a certain popular area. Muling between 5 accounts is fine. Running five accounts through a quest is fine as long as there is no camping. We are trying to ensure that all players have an equal and fair time playing all of the areas. This does not cover multiple real players all enjoying the same spot. We do have a reporting system, we do spot check, and we do take reports seriously but details are important and we do investigate to verify a bot army was present. Please report what you suspect as a bot army directly to me or the other admins and only if they meet the above criteria. Lastly, report all abuse to me or the other admins. Retaliatory reporting will not be tolerated. Let's avoid the drama please.