Server Offline

Our Updates!

12/1/2019 - We regret to inform you that RelicDawn Server has been shutdown. We thank everyone for the two and a half years of making this server great. However, due to the low population and our limited time to devote to the server we had to bring it down. We wish everyone the best and we will leave the website up long enough for visitors to learn about the shutdown. Thanks again!

-admin team

4/30/2019 - Fixed the custom quest timers json so our Ice Walker Legbone and Lugian Broken Weapons quests work once again. Corrected the Low and Mid level casino NPC's to properly accept thhose level tokens. Corrected the drop rate for rewards in the casinos.

4/28/2019 - Updated server to 1.29 including the Lifestoned recent release. Corrected the Virindi mask turn in for heritage mask crafting.

4/4/2019 - Corrected an issue found that Epic Willpower was not dropping as it should have been.

3/24/2019 - Updated the Ice Walkers as we had found they were not hitting as hard as they should have been.

3/16/2019 - We’ve been busy this past week and happy to share a number of updates on the Relicdawn server. We’ve migrated to GDLe’s version 1.28 code base with a number of improvements to the game code. In addition, we have addressed the following: fixed the higher than normal chance of a creature cantrip on armor/clothing loot; Handing in pathwarden armor to the pathwarden greeters now gives a chance at WS5 Steel/Granite salvage or a SIK; For those that have an early version of Armor of Darkness, all pieces can be exchanged with Ries Woron to make it dyeable and match retail attributes. You can also hand in dyed Armor of Darkness pieces for an original piece. For those that have older or malfunctioning MFKs, Peasent Stentor's will exchange repaired MFK's for a replacement MFK which should work on the chests, at least we hope so. The Casino Golden Chests now have the chance of generating WS10 salvage, Enhanced Elixirs, Ancient Trinkets and MFK in addition to the high level loot. Finally, We have also started the RelicDawn Wiki found here that will only contain information about our server’s custom content that was not found in retail. It's not complete yet but is a work in progress.

3/10/2019 - Fixed the update from 3/9/2019 that was causing the server to crash. Updated the server with the fix and corrected the issue. The adjusted spells and cantrips now mutate to match retail closer.

3/9/2019 - Updated the Town Criers to cast all spells minus skills not in game yet and Magic Item Tinkering (doesn't function as needed). Adjusted Erowid in hopes that he spawns on load of his landblock if he vanishes. Updated non dungeon Steel Chests (SiK chest out on landmass) they should now drop retail like loot including level 7 scrolls with possible rings/walls. Reinforced Mahogany and Oaken chests should also drop retail like loot including Runed weapons. Withered Beach creatures should be on a 7 minute respawn timer replacing the 15 minute timer they were on. Adjusted spells and cantrips on armor now to mutate closer to retail and corrected shirts/pants clothing to drop retail color options instead of red, green, and brown. Removed the two drudges from inside Facility Hub as they got in the way of players.

We are still on 1.27 for now and are still working out the details with rares to raise the drop rate.

3/3/2019 - Applied a fix for creatures to drop scrolls as a part of their loot. Also added the ability for the Arrowsmith's and the Southern Landbridge Archmage to accept tradenotes. Updated the website with links to both AC wiki's.

2/24/2019 - Added level restrictions to the Lugian portals in Facility Hub. Added the Master Enchanter provided by Shark to Facility Hub. Updated Icefall Valley creatures to be a little bit tougher as they were found to be too easy for their tier level of loot. Also updated Erowid and Kikuko in the hopes they remain spawned and don't disappear.

2/23/2019 - Added the remaining missing spells to the Town Crier buffs. Updated the Casino rewards to have Golden Gromnie drop a little better, nothing crazy but a small adjustment was made. Fixed a couple pieces of armor not showing up correctly with certain colors.

2/20/2019 - Installed Windows Server updates. Removed the timers for Temple of Enlightnement and Forgetfulness for the time being. Fixed Dansha-Ki's Ring so it's no longer attuned/bonded.

2/16/2019 - Applied a small fix to wands not specifying the material type and not specifying the skill type. Added 20 hour timer for Lost Pet quest.

2/15/2019 - Corrected Lord Kresovus and provided the changes to Lifestoned. Adjusted the Ice Walkers in Icefall Valley 100+ and added a few Ice Walker Shamans in the open areas.

2/13/2019 - Enabled rares in game as we had forgotten to turn them on through the config file. Sorry about that.

2/10/2019 - Old server was going to be decommissioned so we went ahead and moved to the new server. Updated to GLDE 1.27. Made sure to update associated files. Transferred DNS to new server. Created new 20 day timer quests. Added a new NPC (Tumerok) found in all four starter towns that is an announcer of sorts.

2/1/2019 - Fixed the Ruschk Fledgemasters so they spawn in the area required for the Facility Hub Fledgemaster's Tusk Quest Added 10 arrows, 10 quarrels and 10 darts to the Academy Shopkeep at the top of the stairs in the Training Halls. We chose 10 so you don't get over burdened. Make sure to buy enough though to complete the quests. Also adjusted the Arrowsmith's and Mountain Top Archmage to charge the correct amounts for their items.

1/30/2019 - Fixed the Facility Hub portal gem NPC's if you skip the Training Halls with the quick exit. Thanks Shark!

1/12/2019 - Announced our new website and shared the new information on how to connect to our server.

12/28/2018 - Created the RelicDawn website.